As a nurse, do you:

  • Find yourself just going through the motions of the day?
  • Struggle with negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself which undermine your self-worth and your self-confidence?
  • Fearlessly advocate each-and-every moment for your patients but are reluctant to advocate for yourself?
  • Feel stressed out, burned-out, over-worked, under-valued, tired of feeling disrespected by others or feel like you don’t have a voice or that your opinion matters?  

Be determined to make a change today!

As a nurse, I understand where you are. I have been there and am passionate in helping you recognize and value your self-worth and experience satisfaction and joy in your career and your life. 

As a life and career coach for nurses, I can help you...

  •  Re-kindle your passion for why you went into nursing in the first place
  •  Identify your own values and determine if your current employer/position aligns with your values and if not, offer you career assistance in making a positive change
  •  Uncover hidden obstacles which may be holding you back or holding you down
  • Cultivate the courage and confidence to be your best advocate in life and with your nursing/healthcare colleagues
  • Learn how to replenish your energy and build your resilience, lifting you out of your burned-out, stressed-out place 

My passion is to help you navigate through life and your career with a renewed sense of direction

By guiding and empowering you to replace obstacles with opportunities, I will help you discover positive and effective solutions, find and embrace the inner happiness, confidence and career satisfaction and success you so deserve.

Are you a nurse in a leadership role feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do?  Do you find yourself struggling with disengagement, feelings of stress and burn-out? The PROPEL Principles™ have been crafted to rejuvenate your outlook and understanding of what you want in a successful and positive career.

With our healthcare leadership coaching services along with the 6 principles of Passion, Relationships, Optimism, Proactivity, Energy, and Legacy, you can get started on a positive and fulfilled life in the career you are passionate about.

Click here to learn more about the PROPEL Performance Improvement Program.


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