PROPEL Coaching Healthcare

What would it look like if you went to work each day knowing:

  • you were at your personal best
  • you were passionate about doing a great job
  • you were part of an amazingly supportive team who helped each other out when needed
  • you had the personal energy and resilience to ward off burn-out
  • you had the energy reserves to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others as well as your own

     and… you left work most days feeling satisfied and happy?


Did you know research and studies show...

  • 50% of RNs are "not engaged"
  • 15% of RNs are "actively disengaged"
  • 46% of MDs are "burning out" (Mayo, 2016)
  • 75% of hospital RNs say stress is affecting their physical and mental health (American Nursing Association, 2015)
  • 65% of hospital leaders see improvement initiatives fail (HIMSS, 2015)
  • The average tenure for new graduate nurses is 18 months.
  • The average tenure for Nurse Leaders is 18 months.


What can PROPEL Coaching™ do for you?

Using six Positive Psychology Principles, PROPEL coaching™ can empower positive outcomes for leaders, nurses, their colleagues and their patients.

PPassion – Many healthcare professionals are overloaded, overwhelmed and burning out. Focus is on re-kindling passion for achieving positive outcomes, rather than dwelling on the problems

R = Relationships – High stress leads to conflicts, silos, turnover and poor performance. Enriching relationships promote positive collaboration with greater satisfaction

O = Optimism – Relentless problems create pessimistic thinking. Developing optimistic thinking leads to a positive mindset overcoming discouragement

P = Proactive – Negative reactions focus people on their shortcomings and other’s weaknesses; responding Proactively to challenges by using strengths to enable success

E = Energy – Healthcare providers are too often exhausted, stressed and discouraged. Learning how to replenish energy and build resilience to burn-out and convert stress into useful energy

L = Legacy – Healthcare providers and leaders are struggling to take care of themselves much less others. Supporting providers to attain the highest level of happiness and make a meaningful difference.


Offering 3-month and 6-month Individual Coaching packages

6-month Team Coaching Program


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