Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

Empowerment + Engagement = Sustainable Success!

In the United States, studies show:

  • 54% of medical doctors report having burnout symptoms - AMA, 2018
  • 63% of hospital RNs say burnout is affecting their performance - Kronos, 2017
  • 67% of hospital staff admit they're not engaged in their jobs - Gallup, 2017
  • 65% of hospital leaders see improvement initiatives fail - HIMSS, 2015

The PROPEL Principles™ have been crafted to rejuvenate your outlook and empower you with the skills required to have a successful and positive career. Our healthcare leadership coaching services will enable you to master the six principles required to beat burnout and discouragement: Passion, Relationships, Optimism, Proactivity, Energy, and Legacy. Our 15 years of research with thousands of healthcare professionals have proven that you can create a positive and fulfilled life. Through PROPEL, you can learn how to achieve:

  • Personal Wellbeing: The PROPEL Toolkit© provides the practical application of six evidence-based steps that enable personal balance and high functioning relationships.
  • Professional Excellence: PROPEL Coaching™ teaches leaders and staff how to adopt the positive practices that studies show drive high performance.
  • High-Performance Teams: Interdisciplinary PROPEL teams learn to engage the 70% of employees who are disengaged in order to achieve substantial performance

Evidence-Based Approach to Improvement

Fifteen years of research in major academic medical centers and community hospitals has revealed that teaching leaders and staff to use the six PROPEL positive psychology principles significantly reduces burnout, turnover, and disengagement. Our six-month coaching program has been proven to be effective and most importantly sustainable. 

Using the PROPEL Performance Improvement Program reveals that enabling employees to be at their best produces outstanding results in healthcare organizations. Our innovative approach helps to contain costs, improve patient safety and increase HCAHPS scores. We complete a unique assessment of your staff to discover how they can become more engaged in the performance improvement process.

Coaching Services

Working with the PROPEL INSTITUTE, we provide people with the knowledge they need to improve their performance using the PROPEL Toolkit©. Next, we create action learning groups to enable leaders and staff to use PROPEL to overcome their current challenges. Download our information sheet.


Learn what PROPEL Coaching™ can do for you, your team and your organization.

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