We are in unprecedented times – I know of no one who has come through the year of 2020 unscathed in one or more areas of their overall wellbeing.

“How are you really doing?” 

As a Resilience & Wellbeing Coach I serve:

Individuals, Front-line Clinicians and Healthcare/Business Leaders who are striving to show up each and every day as their “best self” (and uncertain what their best self even looks like), manage day to day stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, feel ‘stuck’ navigating challenges and experiencing feelings of burnout.                                                                                                                

Resilience is the key to success at work and in life!

Building up your well of inner strength to help you weather the difficulties and challenges we encounter without creating more stress on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

  • Imagine a well full of clear, sparkling fresh water – when you drink it, it nourishes and sustains you. How full is your well? Do you know how to fill your well?
  • Your thoughts lead to your actions -
    • if we focus on the negatives, we enter a spiral of negativity which can lead to burnout (like a snowball gathering momentum as it rolls downhill!)
    • if we focus on the positives, over and over again, (which takes practice!) we will build more neural pathways in our brain which in turn will allow us to see more positives.

Resilience is the core of your organization and leads to success

  • Employees are able to respond effectively to the demands and pressures of the work world to meet goals and expectations while possessing perpetual fulfillment
  • As a Leader – Do you have the inner well of resilience to able to practice Conscious Leadership?
    • Can you master your thoughts and feelings to act in alignment with your vision, purpose, and values?
    • Have you cultivated an inner core of self-awareness?
    • Are you an empowering leader able to instill inspiration and empower others?
    • Is your team performing at their best? Engaged? Flourishing?

Imagine as a Leader you have the inner well of resilience to be able to show up as your ‘best self’ every day and follow’s Mahatma Gandhi’s instruction of:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

Trace Coaching combines principles of neuroscience, positive psychology, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Positive Intelligence (PQ) and mindfulness practices, effectively increasing overall wellbeing and resilience to meet life’s challenges, stressors & burnout!

T = Transformation

R = Resilience

A = Awareness & Alignment

C = Clarity & Compassionate Connection

E = Empowerment and Energize


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